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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

     *****This post was started on Jan. 15 and intended to be wrapped-up before illness enveloped our house, publishing as-is with updates to follow. *****

Well, hello there!!  I'm so happy to be back and even more thrilled to have a foot in the door to this new year.  I'm not one to wish away time, it goes by fast enough, but I needed a fresh start and there is nothing like the first page of a brand new calendar.  The first week of January had its challenges, mind you, that came in the form of snow and freezing temps.  To be honest, we welcomed the 12" or more of precipitation as it forced us to slow down and enjoy our weekend company from PA.  We watched movies and football, played games and ate entirely too much food.  To put the icing on the cake, Downton Abbey Season 4 began--woohoo!!!

a snowy Saturday of UNO...

followed by taco-night and the Eagles game

Our younger boys didn't start school on the 6th, or 7th and 8th.  Finally, after a late start, we had Sam back on the 9th.  Daniel woke up that Thursday morning with flu symptoms from the shot he got the day before, so he was home the whole week.  Gregg came home the same Thursday night with a stomach bug or food poisoning, not sure, which kept him home Friday too.  Whew, we got this year of to a great start!

In the midst of all the activity, however, I managed to complete a couple of things on my to-do list.  Yay me!!!  Remember that fabric from a few posts ago?  I finally made and installed 3 Roman shades for the kitchen, and one using a different fabric for the powder room.  I'm so happy with how they turned out and hope to include my tutorial here soon.  There are so many good patterns/directions out there, after pouring over them for weeks I ended up combining a couple to create my own.  There was probably one out there like mine, but at some point I hit information overload and decided to work with what I knew.

So, you know how when your in the middle of one project you start thinking that changing something else might make what your doing better?  Oh yeah, new project alert!!  The funny part about this one is that I didn't even have to sell it to Gregg, he was on-board from the start.  I think we'll step-by-step this one too.  It involves tools and paint, which makes him happy.  I gain added workspace to my kitchen, so you know I'm happy.  We're hoping to get started this weekend, wish us luck!

And, speaking of having a foot in the door, next Thursday my right one will be in a cast instead.  I've been having foot pain for some time, and after seeing Ortho learned it wouldn't be getting any better.  Go figure.  I'll be having a plate installed, to take the place of a bone that I don't have, which is the best option for not needing further surgery.  As I'll obviously be hanging around the house a bit more, my can-do-from-the-couch projects are all lined up.  I have a few books to read too.

Any projects in the works for any of you?  Has your weather kept you cozied up to a warm fire?

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  1. Good to see Eddie and Brad from PA in the pix with the boys. I know they had such a good time..and I sure like your roman shade! Will look forward to seeing the completed cabinets on your blog too.


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